In Bidart, there is never any downtime, the calendar is punctuated all year round by festive, sporting and cultural events ...

Our cultural triangle - within the walls

Au Beheria Theater, the program varies with the seasons, according to the news and is suitable for all audiences. The line of conduct of the program: offer everyone a suspended moment where we open up to a show, a play, a conference, a one man show, a close up, a cabaret… in short, a break from everyday life.

Toki-Toki, this is the right place, the one that brings together 4 places under one roof to make one. In the midst of a large selection of books and digital media, discover the Arcade, the Bulle, the Atelier and the Cube. These different spaces host digital workshops, readings, screenings, conferences, etc.
Find all the dates HERE & to learn more about Toki Toki click HERE.

Go through the door of the Tafernaberry Gallery to discover the talent of our local artists: sculptures, photographs, paintings, visual arts, etc.
Find all the exhibitions HERE.

In parallel - Outside the walls

Culture, everywhere, for everyone, all the time!
Keep an eye out, the heritage plaques affixed to the monuments tell you more about the history of Bidart and the Basque Country.

Need to be guided? Download the app Terra Adventure and follow the little characters “Zéïdon” or “Zonelib” through themed walks in Bidart - All the information HERE.

In summer, don't miss the Wednesday appointments!

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And to know the agenda of all the cultural meetings, it is by HERE !