It is the story of a boy who loved to sharpen his parents' knives and who decided to make it his profession, well rather his profession-passion.
Pascal Exposito is an artisan cutler, passionate about the Basque Country and Cutlery, he decided to create with his sister the Basque Cutlers. 

When we walk through the door of the Etxettoa farm where Pascal and his team are busy in the workshop, we discover a new universe, that of craftsmanship of patience and precision, one where we like to share this passion for beautiful knives, which are sublimated in beautiful cases.

For several years, Pascal has been imagining and creating his knives by drawing inspiration from the traditions, lines and materials found in the landscapes of the Basque Country. 

Each creation has its own story, name and codes.

There is Mizpira, who takes up the lines of makhila with its scarified wood; Bixia all in roundness and color, which winks at Espelette pepper, Artzaina & Urkulua which are more assertive models like the Basque shepherds ...

As you will have understood, there is identity, character and real know-how behind the original creations of Basque cutlers.

We seriously invite you to come to the Etxettoa farm to discover the shop which opens directly onto the workshop of Pascal and his precious collaborators, we will explain everything about the manufacturing process.

Oh yes, we also forgot to tell you… Pascal makes knives from ram's horn, buffalo crust or mammoth ivory… A unique know-how, you just have to go and check it out! ?

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The Basque Cutlers
64210 Bidart

+33 5 59 50 12 47

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