The team is made up of 4 people and a work-study student, and is reinforced, if necessary, in the summer by seasonal workers from July to mid-September.

Maitena: Direction
Languages ​​spoken: French, English, Spanish, (basque knowledge)

Emma: Deputy Director
Languages ​​spoken: French, Spanish, English, German (basics of Italian)

Ihintza: Stay advisor & social media manager
Languages ​​spoken: Basque, French, Spanish, English

Pauline: Stay & marketing advisor
Languages ​​spoken: French, English, Spanish

Eva: Work-study student in BTS communication
Languages ​​spoken: French, Spanish, English


Reception and information

  • Welcome, inform and guide visitors at the counter and by telephone.
  • Offer services and benefits to vacationers and residents (ticketing).

Promotion and communication

  • Organize and distribute practical & tourist information (relay emergency information).
  • Ensure the image of the tourist office and the destination on the Internet and on social networks.
  • Enhance and promote the area (events, developments, establishment openings, etc.).
  • Be the relay between visitors and tourism professionals in the area.

Animation of the partner network

  • Involve local tourist actors in the projects of the Tourist Office, offer educational tours to the reception teams of tourist structures in Bidart...
  • Professionalize the team and the organization of the tourist office (training plan, internal management, management of the quality of life at work, consideration of CSR in the management of the structure, etc.).

These missions bring together the essential elements to develop a real dynamic of territory promotion, visitor loyalty and professionalization of our tourist structure.
In addition to these missions, there are other services such as the management of the tourist tax, the setting up of thematic workshops for professionals, the involvement of the staff of the Tourist Office in municipal projects. …