In Bidart we never go somewhere, we always come to someone's house ...

We come to Peio, Sandrine, Maïder; meet Laurent, Mylène or Thomas.

At the Tourist Office you will be welcomed by Eva, Ihintza, Emma or Maitena, or perhaps by one of our seasonal workers who we have carefully selected to be sure that they speak the same Bidart as us.

A Bidart in the image of the Basque Country, welcoming, rich in simple things, proud of its inhabitants, of those who work there, of the roots and values ​​transmitted by the elders, of its openness to new flavors, practices and trends.

Here, we will know how to talk to you with love about our village and the people you will meet there, we will give you some secrets but not all - because you have to know how to keep some - for us, but also to be sure that you want to come back to find out more.

At the Office we like to think that we feel good there, our reception area is open to the village, pleasant and bright. We offer several services such as ticketing, free wifi, informed advice by each of our team but also a few items to bring back in the suitcase to take a piece of vacation home.

We are in the town centre, a stone's throw from Place Sauveur Atchoarena, the beating heart of Bidart, but also on the “Vélodyssée” Euro-veloroute route. So we asked for Home Cycling label so that the Tourist Office is recognized as a healthy stopover on your trip to the Basque Country, where the relief gradually draws the mountains of the Pyrenees...

Our team attaches importance to make it accessible to all & for all, renewing its commitment to all audiences by asking the tourism and disability label every 5 years for more than a decade, by adapting its communication on its web & video media and by engaging with the municipality on more inclusive projects.

In Bidart, we like to say things without going through 4 paths, we also know how to hear them and learn from you, your expectations, your suggestions to improve our welcome but also our communication tools. The team is engaged in gait Qualité Tourisme since 2017 and measures on a daily basis the importance of listening to customers, the relevance of networking with partners in the territory and seeks continuous improvement in its working methods.

So yes, our Tourist Office is also classified in category I, our offices are open more than 305 days a year and we translate our website into foreign languages ​​as required by the classification reference, but we especially want you to remember from us that we are reachable and accessible, attentive, and that we especially really want to see you in person...