They are one of the favorites of our team's family hikes.
They have been tested and approved, by big and small calves. Follow the instructions and enjoy!

Ainhoa ​​– Bistaeder

A hike that repeatedly offers magnificent panoramic views of the ocean, the surrounding mountains and the village of Ainhoa.

Discover the route → Toporando

Itxassou – Atharri Pass

For the discovery of beautiful views of the Nive valley and the Pas de Roland gorges.

Discover the route → Toporando

Espelette – Family circuit

A route to discover Basque heritage and Basque producers.

Discover the route → Toporando

Urrugne – Xoldokogaina Lake

The lake is located in the middle of the forest and the mountains of Ibardin. This is a water reserve made in the early 30s.
It offers a magnificent view over the village of Urrugne and the Basque Coast.

Discover the route → Toporando

Sare – Suhalmendi pass

A course of 10 playful interpretation panels invites you to discover the secrets of the Basque Pie Noir pig.

Discover the route → Toporando

Birling Gap – Intsola

Ancient Roman road, walking in the Intsola valley is the perfect family outing. The trail is often shaded and benefits from the coolness of the stream.

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Circuit of Xareta

The hike crosses the 4 villages. The hike marked by a blue pottok (horse) on the stones is called “pottokaren bidea” (the path of the pottok). This circuit crosses meadows, forests and hills.

Discover the route → Toporando

Ustaritz – The Cross of the English

The route of the Croix des Anglais offers varied landscapes, with sometimes beautiful views of the mountains and many passages in the forest.

Discover the route → Toporando

💡 And for more ideas for family walks and hikes, we invite you to consult the website of the Agence d'Attractif et de Développement Touristiques du 64 by clicking HERE.

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