Discover Bidart and its history, through geocaching routes with the application Terra Aventura !

Download the free application and let yourself be guided by the “Poï'z” these mischievous and humorous little characters will not fail to make you wander Bidart to discover its history, its characters and anecdotes that will keep you in touch. will learn a little more about our village!
Answer the puzzles on the course until you get the coordinates of the final “cache” *!

There are two courses on 2 different themes:

  • "Sources of whales and sailors"
    This first course addresses through the character Zéïdon, the theme of water, sources, wash houses, the historical past of whaling in Bidart.
  • "The toughs of the Atlantic"
    Zonelib, the Poï'z of the resistance, will tell you the memories of times of war through a rather sporty route between the village and the countryside!

As you will have understood, geocaching allows you to combine culture, nature, sport and digital technology… the winning formula for having a great time with family and friends!

Be careful though, the Terra Aventura geocaching routes can quickly become addictive. Fortunately, there are others in the neighbors in the Basque Country but also in Béarn and in the Landes.

Do you want to discover the other routes? Click HERE.

You won't be bored!!

But what is a cache?

It is a bottle that contains success badges bearing the image of the little character who will have guided you on your journey, as well as a small notebook to leave a note on your adventure in Bidart

The courses are open all year round, in all weathers, and the team regularly comes to supply the “cache” to allow each winner to obtain a badge of achievement ...
Don't be too greedy, take one per person?

Zoom on Zécolo!
But who is he? Zécolo is the character who invites you to practice eco-friendly actions, such as picking up waste that you may find on your route. Present your waste pocket at the reception of the Tourist Office and we will give you a Zécolo badge to complete your collection ❤️ ♻️