On the village square in Bidart, an event takes place that marks the period of transition from winter to spring: Carnival or “ihauteriak” in Basque. 

In the Basque Country, each province or each village has its specificity. For example in Soule, you must surely know the Mascarade, where parade characters incorporated into ancient Basque mythology. 

Originally, the carnival was the last winter occasion for young people to collect in order to organize a big meal. 

Do you know San Pantzar? 
The famous San Pantzar carnival character is the symbol of human stupidity and gluttony. 

During the event, at the end of the parade, we attend the trial of San Pantzar: the participants judge and condemn him. He is then burned in the village square. 
The purpose of this condemnation is to represent the year before which disappears and to start the new year in better conditions. 

Friendly and family atmosphere guaranteed! ?