In Bidart, one Saturday a month, there is activity during the market… Under the plane trees near the old post office, under the porch of the Town Hall, on the stairs of the pediment, the friends of Bidarten Kantuz settle down… and in a few minutes the circle is formed.
Take part in Bidaten Kantuz !

Emotion guaranteed by listening to these magnificent Basque songs which recount the work of the land and the sea, the main resources cultivated by the ancients.

Among the village choirs, the mixed choir Boga Boga performs in the church all year round. The Bidarten Kantuz, where everyone is invited to sing in Basque, takes place during the market in the main square on the first Saturday of each month at 11 a.m.

The song sheets are distributed for those who are still hesitant, and in unison, everyone sings the catchy choruses of the Basque songs!

Smiles and good humor are guaranteed with a simple visit!