Every year in July and August, the Grand Fronton in Bidart hosts Basque strength shows every Monday at 21 p.m. from mid-July to September. This show is organized by the Fanfare Alegera battery. The latter celebrated her 70th birthday in 2018.


  • In 1992, the first local sports Olympics took place in Bonn (Germany). 38 countries were present to participate in these Olympics. 6 Basque athletes demonstrated for 3 days. At the end of these Olympics, the Basques were declared the winners.
  • 16 Basque sports disciplines have been recognized by the Basque government as Deporte Rural Vasco (Basque Rural Sport).

Basque trials of strength

The Basque force gala evening presents different events:

  • Soka Tira - Tug of war 

Tug of war is a showdown between two teams of eight. The aim of this test is to shoot the opponents over 4 meters. This event takes place over 2 winning rounds.

  • Harri Jasotzea - ​​The Stone Rising

The stone lifter must carry different weights ranging from 100 to 170Kg. He must, with one or two hands, bring the stone which is on the ground up to his shoulder.

  • Zaku eramatea - The relay with bags of 50Kg

During the show, it is possible to see a relay race between two teams of 3 candidates. The race is done with a 50Kg bag carried on the shoulders.

  • Orga jokoa - The rising of the carts

This test highlights strength but also endurance. Indeed the goal is to lift a cart of 350Kg posed on a drawbar from the rear and to make it pivot around the axis of the drawbar as long as possible without putting it down.

  • Untziketariak - The stroke of 45Kg cans per hand

This test is not a test of speed but of endurance. It is played one on one. Each participant carries a total of 90Kg (45Kg per hand). The winner of the event is the candidate who has covered the greatest distance.

  • Lasto atxaria - The straw bale rising

The test takes place over 2 minutes (1 minute per candidate). The goal is to hoist a 5Kg straw bale as many times as possible to 50 meters. The winner is the candidate who hoists the 50Kg the most times to the pulley located 5 meters from the ground.

  • Aizkolaritza - The woodcutter

This test highlights two practices of cutting logs:
➡️ The vertical cut which consists in making notches in a trunk fixed to the ground vertically in order to fix wooden planks reinforced by metal spikes and to form a spiral staircase. Once this staircase is made, the lumberjack can reach the top of the trunk and make a horizontal cut. This discipline combines strength and balance. ➡️ The horizontal cut: the lumberjack climbs on a tree trunk lying horizontally on the ground in order to make a cut between his feet. This practice is dangerous because the ax passes very close to the feet of the lumberjack, a breathtaking sight!

In a few words, this family show is full of twists and turns, impressive, intensive, breathtaking ...

The little extra: spectators can participate in certain events of the show.