In the Basque Country, we like to say that there is always something to do: meetings that punctuate the months, the weeks, throughout the year, everything is a pretext to meet again!

If this is not the calendar of Basque festivals, it is that of the cultural season which intersects with the highlights of sporting events.
And as here, we are never the last to sit down to the table, we like to follow the highlights that put our gastronomy in the spotlight, our culinary nuggets which also have their own agenda.

So we know and we do not miss the major events of the festive calendar of the Basque Country which brings together the Carnivals, the Bayonne festivals, the meetings of the Brotherhoods such as the Espelette pepper or the Basque Cake, the Ham Fair. from Bayonne ...

Did you know that in the Basque Country we are also celebrating the arrival of the winter solstice with the arrival of Olentzero, this Basque mythological character? That in Bidart we have the custom of organizing village festivals for the arrival of autumn? That the feasts of Saint John also mark the arrival of summer?

The festive effervescence in the Basque Country, this culture of party together is transmitted from generation to generation around the transmission of song and dance, as witnesses that we pass over time.

The calendar in the Basque Country, land of festivals, is punctuated by highlights throughout the year ... And for those who have the impression that it is only updated in season, it is simply that it is expanded during the summer, when the warmer weather allows us to lengthen the evenings?