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Bidart, with its 6 beaches on 5km of coastline et its recognized surf spots, really has its place in the surfing landscape of the Basque Coast. Located a few kilometers from Biarritz, the cradle of surfing in Europe, Bidart and its spots are on the map of surfers looking for sensations in the Basque Country.

Each Bidart beach has a surf spot and at least one school assigned to it. Each has its specificities, which depend on its location but also on the tides which change every day. All surfers, whether beginners or initiated, have fun and improve their skills on the waves of Bidart spots.

✔️ For supervised practice, we invite you to contact the Bidart surf schools. They offer different formulas, in group or private lessons and for different levels and will allow you to progress at high speed!

Some of them also offer surf camps for children and teenagers out of season, the program of these stays is generally full between surfing, activities, (re) discovery of the Basque Country and even for some… English lessons!

Zoom on Parlementia

Parliamentia, “THE” spot is renowned for its long right. There are a lot of longboards and more and more stand up paddle boards. The wave is inevitable ... but located “offshore”, it is therefore misleading by its height and reserved for experienced surfers!

Small peculiarity to note, it is sometimes necessary to get into the water at the port of Guéthary by high low tide to access it! Which often opens the debate… then Parlementia? Bidart or Guéthary ?!

Bidart obviously: the cadastre is formal!

One thing is certain is that the spot welcomes every year the Urkiteko competition organized by the surf clubs of Guéthary and Bidart, Urkirola and Bidarteko ...

Like what in front of this spot and with neighbors and friends, we have not finished parleying!

surf shops

Michel Borel, shaper, created in the 80s his brand of boards that he shapes himself in his workshop: “PSM” for Custom Boards. He also runs the Freeride surfshop which sells all the necessary equipment for freeriders who are keen on surfing and skateboarding.
Address: 2 avenue de l'Océan, 64 210 Bidart - Tel: 05 59 54 71 41

At the Parlementia Prosurf surfshop you can find everything you need to surf with local and global brands and you benefit from the expert advice of Esteban and Romu.
Address: 34 chemin de Parlementia, 64 210 Bidart - Tel: 06 81 89 81 63

rip curl
The Australian brand, which has become essential in Europe, has opened a store in Bidart where you can find a wide choice of boards, grips, wetsuits, sunglasses and surfwear with the latest trends for men and women.
Address: 661 avenue Atherbea, 64 210 Bidart - Tel: 05 59 43 62 03 - Web: www.ripcurl.eu

Retro surf atmosphere in this Californian-style surfshop. Discover a selection of “vintage” boards, in all sizes and colors to rent or to afford!
Address: 5 avenue de Cumba, 64210 Bidart - Tel: 09 86 77 96 70 - Web: www.seasicksurf.com

Board rentals

Martin offers a wide choice of boards for rent (longboards, shortboards, retro, stand up paddle boards…) as well as wetsuits and accessories to be able to enjoy a moment of gliding on the Basque Coast. This service is available for home delivery or on the spot! You choose !
Phone: 06 95 45 54 99 - Web: www.martysurfdelivery.com

And to discover our spots ...