With bare hands, in cesta punta, in chistera, in trinquet, on the kantxa… The balls have been slamming on the walls and pediments of Bidart for several generations now.
Adepts of this real local sport, young and old, professionals and amateurs, play all year round to the rhythm of the balls and according to the seasons.

Are you a fan of speed and precision?
Come and discover the pelota games at Grand Chistera every Tuesday and Friday from July to mid-September at the Grand Fronton in Bidart.

And because here we are not the type to keep things to ourselves, our pelota champions offer you initiation packages! Learn alongside Jon & Patxi from the workshop Ona pilota or with Ramuntxo from the local club of Kostakoak.

In winter, the Cesta Punta championship takes place indoors on the wall to the left of Kirolak. The young shoots of the Kostakoak train to become world champions like some of their bidartar elders... The “Pilotari ttiki” tournament in the spring is a highlight of the calendar of young pilotaris in the Basque Country and each year, the conclusion is the same: succession is guaranteed!

Another highlight of the calendar is that of the Uhabiako Txapelketa, a tournament which brings together elite pro players from another Basque pelota specialty which is just as spectacular: bare-handed pelota? ⚾️.
During the tournament, the wall on the left is transformed into a trinquet!

Bare-handed pelota is also played on the pediments, as you can discover every Saturday and Sunday in the summer during the Bidart tournament. The finals of the summer tournament take place on the Sunday of the village festivals in mid-September: atmosphere guaranteed!

And because the pelota also has a special place in the heart of Bidart on the Place Sauveur Atchoarena, we invite you to discover the atypical trinquet of thehotel-restaurant Elissaldia. Each year, the Exposito family organizes a tournament in homage to Ttotte, the grandfather, and the trinquet sees all the generations of Bidart challenge each other to win first place and above all participate in a beautiful celebration on the occasion of the finals on May 8.