Here we agree that it is not necessarily natural to “think cycling”. The relief in Bidart is not the best for imagining getting around by bike and yet there are many new features that will encourage us to favor this mode of transport.
Here are the top 5 good reasons why you will get back on the saddle 😜

1. Because the landscape is much more beautiful on a bike...

2. Because you're going to want to make the guy lie. "metrominuto". Yes, you don't know it yet but you will succumb to it, once you have read the time/distance ratio on the panel of the “Bidart metrominuto”, you're going to want to do better... (and don't see in this message any challenge 😇).

3. Because this year the Velodyssey celebrates its 10th anniversary and it would be really nice to stop at the Tourist Office to see the stamp that is dedicated to this decade of cycling on the coast ✅
We also have accommodation labeled Accueil Vélo which receives cyclists all year round 👋

4. Because the municipality of Bidart is now equipped with bicycle parking rings, and in summer we even have bicycle services. security guard to park them safely 🤩

5. Because you can legitimately do the 😎 wearing our new “Aupa bizikleta Bidarte” t-shirt.

Yes, we guess it is for all these reasons that we will see you swapping the car for the bike!

Ah yes and for those who are still looking for excuses… Our bicycle rental companies offer electric bikes, seats or trailers for children, accessories for carrying boards, mechanical bikes, children's bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, cargo, longtails, helmets, first aid kits and… we even have a repairman in the town!

Find the cycle paths on our interactive map !
It's up to you to pedal!