Timothée, accompanied by his parents and his little sister, never misses any opportunity to test, experiment new activities and discover new horizons.
He gives us his feedback and tips, hoping - and you will tell us - to facilitate the organization of vacations for other families who aspire to a more accessible world ...

Julie, Timothée's mother maintains a Facebook page to talk about everyday life and their family adventures. She is one of those people who are mobilizing 200% to make our world more inclusive.

Julie often says that "accessibility is a state of mind", we, now that we know it, we know above all that it is also a lot of benevolence and solidarity.

So you can imagine that with Timothée they wanted to share with us everything they tested, experienced, adored in Bidart and its surroundings and, you will see, the program is very busy ⬇️

In Bidart

Erretegia – ENS and Kanttu

A natural circus, a breathtaking view of the ocean and a pleasant terrace where it is good to stroll, it was enough for Timothée to be seduced by Erretegia. Classified as a Sensitive Natural Area, the Erretegia site is one of Bidart's nuggets. So Timothée and his family decided to go for a walk there to test whether this natural setting is also accessible for people with reduced mobility and… the good surprise? It's validated !

Julie the mother of Timothée testifies:

“Practical: the car park has little space, but there is disabled parking at the start of the access road to the site. The descent is easy as Timothée is equipped with an electric chair. Once downstairs, the reception at the snack the Kantu is perfect with a table adapted to the wheels of the armchair. The icing on the cake: the staff is very attentive! While talking we even learned that the restaurant offers a cart to assist people with mobility difficulties, just call it when you are in the parking lot! »
We had a great time with the family, we will definitely be back! »

The Ona Pilota workshop

Jon and Patxi are basket maker, they manufacture and repair chistera gloves and balls.
When you enter the little workshop of the two brothers, you dive directly into the world of these enthusiasts of Pelota. You can learn everything about making instruments and even try sewing to go further in the experience.

More information about the workshop Ona Pilota from Bidart: HERE

The Basque cutlers

Opened in 2011 by Pascal Exposito, the Basque cutlery shop in Bidart is wheelchair accessible where a guided tour will allow you to learn more about the House, its history and its creations. The workshop, entirely glazed, reveals the phases of the manufacture of a knife.

NB: The toilets in the car park comply with PMR standards.

In the Basque Country

The Caves of Sare

The visit allows a beautiful discovery in sound and light of the caves, the history of Lezea, to know a little more about the Basque Country and its history.
An employee of the site accompanies people in wheelchairs throughout the course, you should know that 3/4 are accessible and facilitated by walkways.

All information is available HERE.

The City of the Ocean

For lovers of the Ocean and the curious, the City of the Ocean is accessible and allows you to discover, learn, have fun and be amazed! On the program: immersive experiences using virtual headsets, exhibitions, conferences, 3D films, etc.
A very nice discovery for Timothée and his family!

All information on the Cité de l'Océan in Biarritz: HERE

The Rhune train

Climbing the Rhune aboard the Little Cog Train remains a sacred memory for Timothée! The little train dates from the 20s and offers an ascent of one of the most emblematic mountains of the Basque Country.
You can get almost to the top and enjoy the superb view of the ocean and discover the first peaks of the Pyrenees.
A few tips, however: you must book online on the site HERE & equip yourself with a folding chair.

Impossible to talk about mountain & accessibility without mentioning the beautiful moments shared with the members of the association "Hegoak Mendian". Timothy knows some, if not all!
This association brings together big-hearted athletes who allow people with disabilities to participate in official races and sporting events in joëlettes!

Trip to Hondarribia

Timothée tested the crossing of the Bidassoa aboard the association's Rekalde boat Jolaski ! The latter allows you to reach in less than 10 minutes Hondarribia, the first fishing port after the border. Hondarribia is also a popular destination for pintxo lovers ...
So we advise you to get closer to the port of Hendaye and board the rekalde, it is accessible with a folding wheelchair, and with an electric wheelchair at high tide!
To get organized and know the tides, take a look this way.

Southern Landes

Labenne Zoo

Located in the south of the Landes, the Labenne Zoo offers a colorful and emotional visit with the discovery of nearly sixty different species… The course is accessible and even allows certain animals to be fed.

Timothée was seduced by this open-air zoo, in the shade of cork oaks, and by meeting the Makis, these greedy and curious little mammals.

More information on the Labenne Zoo HERE.

The Orx marsh

The Orx Marsh Reserve is one of Timothée and his family's favorite sites. This nature reserve is known for its strong ornithological interest. The setting and accessibility of the site to the first observatory station are worth a detour.

More information on site dedicated to the marsh.

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