La renaturation de l’E.N.S. d’Erretegia


The renaturation of the ENS of Erretegia

The Sensitive Natural Area of ​​Erretegia (ENS) is a veritable green lung of the town. You can see it from the departmental road, it offers itself generously to us but at the same time deserves its relief as its relief reminds us that Nature is the only mistress in this place. A real jewel of multiple paradoxes, Erretegia attracts with its different facets […]

Eh bien pédalez maintenant !

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Well pedal now!

Here we agree that it is not necessarily natural to “think cycling”. The relief in Bidart is not the best for imagining getting around by bike and yet there are many new features that will encourage us to favor this mode of transport. Here are the top 5 good reasons why you […]

10 idées de cadeaux de Noël ‘Made in Bidart’  !

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10 Christmas gift ideas 'Made in Bidart'!

Christmas is fast approaching and it's time to prepare the famous list of Christmas gifts, the one that everyone is looking forward to but sometimes you are out of ideas! Do not panic ! We have prepared a selection of 100% made in Bidart gift ideas for you, to be found in […]

Finir l’année 2023 en beauté à Bidart ✨


End the year 2023 in style in Bidart ✨

The end of year celebrations are just around the corner and we intend to do our bit with a program that will bring magic and wonder to everyone. The town center of Bidart will be the scene of original activities to share with the family. Place for children: An unforgettable day “Make room for children! […]

Les immanquables de cet automne

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This fall’s must-sees

Whether you are here at home, on vacation, or passing through for a breath of autumn air, here is our “to do list” of events not to be missed this fall in the Basque Country. Enjoy the Hendaye family: From October 23 to November 3, take part in children's week. On the calendar: a […]

Le festival « Bidart en rire » est de retour !

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The “Bidart en Rire” festival is back!

The Bidart town hall presents to you in partnership with Crédit Mutuel, the 13th edition of the Bidart en Rire Festival. For its 13th edition, the “Bidart en Rire” festival will take you on a journey to Bidart, from the Toki-Toki library, to the Gidalekua room to the Camping Yellow Village in Illbaritz, even passing through the pre-opening […]

Les vacances de la Toussaint approchent à grand pas !

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The All Saints’ Day holidays are fast approaching!

Home The blog What to do in Bidart during the All Saints’ Day holidays? Finally the first break of the school year, the ideal time to regain strength in our beautiful village! Our team has selected for you a cocktail of activities to do in Bidart. You won't be bored anytime soon! Toki Toki – the […]

Des activités à faire toute l’année


Activities to do all year round

In Bidart, as everywhere in the Basque Country, we like to say that there is always something to do: meetings that punctuate the months, the weeks, throughout the year, everyone is an excuse to get together! Breathe the fresh air… A Sensitive Natural Area, cliffs overlooking the Ocean, a […]

Que faire à Bidart pour l’Ascension ?

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What to do in Bidart for the Ascension?

This month of May will have offered us many public holidays, and it's not over since a new extended weekend is looming. The opportunity to (re)discover the surroundings and enjoy our entertainment! Exhibition of paintings by Isabelle Omer & sculptures by Pascal Billard Every day from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m. until May 21 […]

On a testé pour vous : l’Itinéraire du Patrimoine


We tested for you: the Heritage Route

For your holidays, you have chosen Bidart and it is a very good choice! It's time for you to discover its centers of interest and its remarkable historical heritage. Don't panic, we have everything planned! We have created for you (yes, just for you) a little heritage walk where […]

Le tournoi Pilotari Ttiki

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The Pilotari Ttiki Tournament

On Saturday April 29 and Sunday April 30, find in Bidart the Cesta Punta international tournament for children aged 7 to 12 organized by the Kostakoak association. The international tournament will take place at Kirolak (click here to find it on our interactive map). Record beaten for this 2023 edition with 23 clubs represented, 97 […]

Un, deux, trois… Merveilles !

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One, two, three… Wonders!

We look forward to seeing you from January 25 to 29 for the eleventh edition of Bidart en Rêve! Are we going to fall into superlatives to present the program for an eleventh dream edition? Yes ! A hundred times yes, and to discover it it's over here 👇 Wednesday, January 25 Rémy Berthier "Hallucination" Toki-Toki Library – […]

Les Crêpes de Ty-Ouessant


Crepes of Ty-Ouessant

It seems that gluttony does not wait, so today we decided to take you to the Crêperie Ty-Ouessant (Very good choice, isn't it?) It is run by Erwan, our first neighbor, and we like to say that it is the most Basque of Bretons! On the facade, it even claims its double homeland with […]

Le Axoa de la Venta Gaxuxa


The Axoa de la Venta Gaxuxa

At Venta Gaxuxa, Jacky and Thierry have found the ideal recipe for their restaurant: a perfect combination of generosity, love of products, and conviviality. They will tell you that it is much more than a restaurant, and they will be right, because here, the art of living is practiced gently, discreetly and above all with a lot of passion. […]

Le Talo du Restaurant Elissaldia


The Talo of the Elissaldia Restaurant

There are addresses that we no longer present but that we still love so much! Elissaldia is one of them and you will have understood it, here, it is cohesion and family work that take precedence! Since 1945, generations have followed one another to preserve this state of mind, by writing in turn, part […]

Que faire à Bidart pendant les vacances de la Toussaint ?

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What to do in Bidart during the All Saints holidays?

The All Saints holidays, we always look forward to them. It's the first break of the school year, the ideal time to regain strength! These holidays are also the last opportunity to enjoy the sun before facing winter, rain and cold. Fortunately for us, the Indian summer still lets us enjoy beautiful […]

En faire tout un foin !


Make a fuss of it!

The Departmental Council organizes Monday, August 29 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. a participatory workcamp open to all in the Sensitive Natural Space of Erretegia in Bidart. You who often look for activities to do with your family and in the middle of nature in Bidart, we thought that this information could kick you so we suggest you find out […]

Saison 2022 – Les nouveautés !

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Season 2022 – What's new!

Each season brings its share of novelties and this summer 2022 is no exception to the rule with all these new deals! They took advantage of this rather gloomy spring to do some work and open their doors on sunny days…We invite you to discover the new establishments in Bidart through this article, […]

Que faire quand il fait beaucoup trop chaud ?

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What to do when it's way too hot?

You are on holiday in the Basque Country, you have chosen to come here for the mild summer and the temperate climate... Yes, but here you are, you cannot escape it either, the heat wave is stifling, and despite the the air of the Basque coast, the temperature does not drop. Our team, comfortably installed in our […]

Frédéric Darblade du restaurant « Les six saisons »


Frédéric Darblade of the restaurant "The six seasons"

Today we are going to talk about Frédéric Darblade, child of Bidart and restaurateur for more than 30 years in the center of the village. After 3 decades in the restaurant business, many are those who need a change and decide to hang up the apron… Frédéric preferred to do things differently, he chose to keep […]

Gilles & Paul Bika du Bask Rugby Sevens


Gilles & Paul Bika of Bask Rugby Sevens

Today the guests of our podcast are as accomplices on the field as off the field, they have chosen the Uhabia stadium to organize a 100% hand-stitched event where nothing is left to chance: Bask Rugby Sevens (aka the BR7). This weekend, the Bidart stadium will welcome nearly 400 players […]

On a testé pour vous… Terra aventura


We tested for you… Terra aventura

For you who have heard of the Terra Aventura geocaching application and who are hesitant to get started. And even for you, seasoned badge collectors who think that geocaching has no more secrets for you (don't be so sure)… We share with you our feedback on the Terra Aventura experience in Bidart, for [… ]

Vacances sans voiture !

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Vacation without a car!

It's vacation time and time to press pause. This year, the municipality of Bidart is mobilizing a little more to offer you alternatives to the car, because yes, abandoning your car and getting around: it's a vacation! 👇🤩 Shall we take the bus? Bidean-N30, the […]

Jérémy Pages, capitaine du Baltxan


Jérémy Pages, captain of the Baltxan

Jérémy is a child of the village, a fishing lover and a great enthusiast. Jérémy lives at 3000 percent: when he's not in a firefighter's uniform, he goes out to sea aboard the Baltxan, he shares his passion for fishing and he also happens to work with young people to […]

Geoffrey de Joyu Surf Shack


Geoffrey from Joyu Surf Shack

There are places where you naturally feel good, there are people who are fundamentally pleasant and nice, and when these parameters are brought together, it necessarily creates a place of life where you want to be. welcomed. Add to that Geoffrey's energy, Jutta's delicious cooking, their passions […]

Tout savoir sur la baignade #été2022

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All about swimming #été2022

Since March 1, 2022, the signage relating to swimming has been reworked. The shapes and colors of the flags are changed to match international standards. The objective: to ensure better security and to be better understood by foreigners. But how is it going this season? What is changing in Bidart? Our team […]

Julie Durand Ribeiro de Bidart Optik


Julie Durand Ribeiro from Bidart Optik

Julie is a woman who crunches life and invests herself daily in her professional life and in her family life. Julie is a woman who crunches life and invests herself daily in her professional life and in her family life. We know her first because she is a health professional […]

Sophie Garcia du Fournil de la Licorne


Sophie Garcia from the Unicorn Bakery

In Bidart, in the Plateau district, La Licorne watches like a lookout, it has become a landmark or rather a haunt for some... But for the past few decades it has shared the spotlight with another establishment whose delicacies and stalls make your mouth water. more than one: the Unicorn Bakery 🥖🦄. So we have […]

Laurent Garcia de la Kostakoak


Laurent Garcia of the Kostakoak

In Bidart the pelota slams on the walls of the pediments, in the trinquet or at the Kirolak all year round. The local club Kostakoak trains the little bidartars to make them become the champions of tomorrow. And if there are many highlights of pelota in Bidart, the one that happens in the […]

Vacances solidaires

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Solidarity holidays

Their names are Livio & Julie, they have 💙 big like that, energy like 4 and each in their own way came to find us one day to offer their help in order to provide better holidays in Bidart for those who cross difficult times… Words and deeds Livio among his […]

Maitena Exposito de Goiz Argi


Maitena Exposito de Goiz Argi

Maitena is a child from the village passionate about Basque dance, pelota, rugby, in short the passions of life here... She tells us about her investment around the dance group, transmission to young people, projects & the involvement of the Goiz Argi association in the life of the municipality! Goiz Argi is near […]

Rémi Erdocio du Bidart Union Club


Rémi Erdocio of the Bidart Union Club

Today we are starting a new season of our podcast "Quart d'heure bidartar" and to get you started we decided to talk rugby with Rémi Erdocio from the Bidart Union Club. Rémi is a child from the village, he grew up 2 steps from the stadium and did not need more to fall in love […]

Les bons plans de la Saint-Valentin

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Valentine's Day tips

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! This is the time for romantics (and we know that you are many!) to show all your love to your other half. So yes, passionate people will tell you that love is celebrated every day (and they won't be wrong) but we still wanted to […]

Février magique

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magical February

From February 2 to 5, we invite you to a magic festival in Bidart, it's the return of Bidart en Rêve! Bidart Town Hall, in partnership with Crédit Mutuel, presents the tenth edition of the Bidart en Rêve Festival. This year, wonder and illusion take up residence for four days in the […]

Les temps forts de Toki-Toki

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The highlights of Toki-Toki

Toki-Toki is Bidart's media library! Toki-Toki is the place, the good, the real, a space where you feel at home, where you can read, work, listen, play, learn, do and let whether you are alone or in a group, young or less young, reader or non-reader… Like every year, […]

Plaisirs d’hiver à Bidart


Winter fun in Bidart

A non-exhaustive list of small winter pleasures in Bidart Well, the photos are generally taken on days with good weather ... But don't forget to ask yourself the following question: "why is the Basque Country so green" ? The answer certainly has to do with the weather ...

Décembre à Bidart

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December in Bidart

The end of the year announces its share of events for young and old. And if the news and the weather have decided to be gloomy, here the program is designed to bring light & poetry at the end of the year. A festive and friendly day for families On the afternoon of Saturday, December 18, Place Sauveur Atchoarena will be the kingdom […]

Téléthon enchanté de Bidart : 8ème édition

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Bidart enchanted telethon: 8th edition

As every year for the past 8 years, the Bidart Enchanted Telethon volunteers are mobilizing to raise funds to finance research projects on neuromuscular genetic diseases (myopathies, Steinert myotonia) and other rare genetic diseases. And if the health crisis may have hampered previous editions, they are more than happy […]

Le festival humoristique « Bidart en rire » est de retour !

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The humorous “Bidart en rire” festival is back!

The City of Bidart, in partnership with Crédit Mutuel, presents the 2021 edition of the Bidart en rire festival. This year three shows are on the program of the Bidart en Rire festival back from November 19 to 21 at the Beheria Theater. Friday 19 November Argent Modesty and Decadence by the AIAA Company at 20:30 p.m. A play […]

10 choses à faire pendant les vacances de la Toussaint

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10 things to do during the All Saints holidays

Today we want to inspire you a little by offering you a selection of activities to do in Bidart during the All Saints holidays. Whether you are on vacation at home, or visiting us to take a breath of autumnal air, we want to show you the little pleasures that will make […]

La villa Uhaldia


Villa Uhaldia

Doors open in Bidart A few lucky people (like me) were able to benefit from an exceptional guided tour of this villa organized as part of the European Heritage Days in Bidart. Located - as its name suggests - next to the stream, Villa Uhaldia has a rich history, has known several owners and remains one of the […]

Les Carnets du Patrimoine


The Heritage Notebooks

All about the history of Bidart and its heritage through commented itineraries.

Les Journées Européennes du Patrimoine

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European Heritage Days

It is a year to be marked with a milestone for Bidart in terms of heritage. Indeed, the inventory mission was completed a few months ago and the result is rich. Also the 2021 edition of the European Heritage Days of Bidart will highlight this magnificent work carried out with the precious support of the Region […]

Patxi & Peyo du Comité des fêtes


Patxi & Peyo from the Festival Committee

In Bidart, the “Udazkeneko bestak” autumn festival weekend is the highlight awaited by the bidartars! Patxi & Peyo are the president and vice president of Bidart'e'nea: the Bidart holiday committee. These two are accompanied by a happy band of young bidartars who are not the last to […]

Gilles Berthoud de Terre de running


Gilles Berthoud of Terre de running

Gilles is passionate about running, mountain, trail running. He opened the Terre de Running specialist store in Bidart, in the commercial area around Intermarché. His expertise in the field allows him to advise his clients, support them in their search for performance and offer the best […]

Virginie & Lucie de l’atelier-boutique Ama Lurra


Virginie & Lucie from the Ama Lurra workshop-boutique

Virginie Portet & Lucie Rolland, creators of jewelry and accessories, have no shortage of ideas, or even talents! They have chosen to set up their workshop-boutique "Ama Lurra" in the heart of Bidart, and offer a very beautiful selection of items from local designers. They have chosen to move towards more responsible fashion in small series, by […]

Patrick Darraïdou de Menditalde


Patrick Darraïdou from Menditalde

Patrick is the president of the Bidart hiking association "Menditalde" - literally translating the mountain group - ⛰️⛰️. Through this episode of our podcast "the quarter of an hour bidartar", Patrick tells how these hiking enthusiasts in the mountains are organized all year round to go out in groups, to train in the guidance and supervision of […]

Yon, Ramuntxo & Jeannot Belly de la Kostakoak


Yon, Ramuntxo & Jeannot Belly from Kostakoak

The Kostakoak is the Bidart pelota club. A real breeding ground for champions and fans of the discipline! Today in the new episode of the podcast the “quarter of an hour bidartar” we welcome Yon, Ramuntxo & Jeannot Belly: 3 generations of sportsmen and Basque pelota lovers! With them we learn more […]

Miguel, Adrien & Jean du tournoi de pelote à main nue


Miguel, Adrien & Jean from the bare hand pelota tournament

All three are passionate about barehanded pelota. They are referees for Miguel and players for Adrien and Jean, one thing is certain is that this trio knows the slightest roughness of the Petit Fronton de Bidart. Each year, they participate in the summer tournament in Bidart: every Saturday and Sunday […]

Nicolas de la batterie fanfare Alegera


Nicolas of the Alegera fanfare drums

Because here when we decide to make music we don't pretend! Nicolas talks to us about the functioning of the Alegera fanfare battery in Bidart, its activities, its highlights, the competitions and the history of this beautiful association which has more than 35 musicians! The fanfare drums are present in the […]

Bidart, station balnéaire


Bidart, seaside resort

For the curious who like to learn about the history of the village, for the savvy who want to check their knowledge, for those who want to learn more and for those who seek to understand, we have unearthed a series of short documentaries for you will simply allow you to learn more about the history of Bidart… […]

Que faire le week-end du 6, 7 et 8 mai à Bidart ?

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What to do on the weekend of May 6, 7 and 8 in Bidart?

Are you coming to spend this long 3-day weekend in Bidart? Do not wait and discover with this article all the activities of this weekend which will allow you to return home with your head full of memories. No accommodation yet? Do not panic, you will also find the rooms, studios and apartments available from our hosts […]