The Bidart Tourist Office team works in close collaboration with the observatory unit of the Departmental Tourism Agency 64 Béarn Pays basque on the analysis of tourist numbers.

For several years, our team has attached particular importance to studying and analyzing tourist numbers, as well as various data from observatories, which then allow us to define our actions and refine our strategies.

Tourist attendance

+5 481 000

visitors *

in Bidart

11 200


merchants in Bidart

585 000


slept in Bidart

* visitors correspond to the sum of tourists (those who have slept and stayed in the town) and day trippers (those who have stayed there for more than 2 consecutive hours).


Website analysis report

In 2021, the Tourist Office website underwent an overhaul to adapt to new web "codes" and ensure optimized browsing on smartphones and tablets.

The new Itnernet site has also made it possible to add podcast recordings, enhance our interactive map and highlight our partners.

It is fully consistent with the new editorial line of the Tourist Office team.

Social media review

The team pays particular attention to the animation and management of the social networks of the Tourist Office. An activity report is drawn up each year, you can download it below.