The Basque Country Tourist Offices and the Departmental Tourism Agency 64 Béarn Basque Country have chosen to organize two days of meetings with the press in Bilbao for Hegoalde and with Zaragoza.
We take a look back at this collaborative approach, the first actions of which materialized this month.

Collective action


The Tourist Offices of the Basque Country have all federated around the ADT 64 Béarn Pays basque to carry out actions in the nearby basins of northern Spain, namely Hegoalde and in particular Biscay as well as Aragon in taking advantage of the influence of Zaragoza.

A joint press kit has been drawn up and the website dedicated to Spanish customers has been updated with new content to (re) discover HERE.

A representative of each Tourist Office in the Basque Country came to meet local journalists on two “press” events on September 14 and 15 in Bilbao and Zaragoza.

A global presentation of the Basque Country destination was given to journalists from northern Spain by the IMK agency and then each Tourist Office exposed the main axes and highlights of autumn in its destination.
The press kit in Spanish and Euskara was given to each of the journalists present for this occasion with some small local gifts.

Speeches in the fall

These meetings with the press will be supported in the fall by digital campaigns on mobile and in insertion on tourism, news and lifestyle themed sites which will target customers in Bilbao and Zaragoza and which will be effective from September 18st and this for a period of 3 weeks.
The landing page of the digital campaign will be made on the site updated with fall highlights.

In addition, at the end of September, a poster campaign in the 5 metro stations and in the bus shelters will be deployed to highlight previous speeches.

Until then, the collective made up of the Basque Country Tourist Offices and the ADT 64 Béarn Basque Country, is continuing its work of conquest of this clientele in preparing a monthly press kit on the highlights of the calendar in Iparralde to be distributed to new press contacts in Biscay and Aragon.