You are getting to know us, so you know that we like to change, adjust, add small changes to our communication tools and our working methods.
Here, nothing is set in stone except for our bidartar motto 😉 and our desire to do the best possible with our means and our best intentions… 🙂

Towards communication...

more inclusive...

October 2022, we decide to integrate Lisio into our website. What for ? and for whom?
Simply to take a further step towards easier access to information and our good advice for the greatest number... So yes, we agree, we have not yet pushed the cursor towards the implementation a 100% accessible website, but don't you think it's great to imagine that, from today, people who need to adapt digital content can benefit from a marked improvement in services? 🙌


Today Lisio acts a bit like a filter... It doesn't make landscapes sunnier and less crowded, no, it just does a service: audio playback of editorial content, increase in font size, modification of fonts, change in colorimetry, magnification clickable areas for people with imprecise gestures…

The features offered by Lisio this discreet little assistant remains numerous and will make browsing more pleasant for some of our Internet users!

…and a little more responsible.

With Lisio we can also choose to reduce our environmental impact. It is in this logic that we now offer a display of our website in "ecological mode" and that we are committed to reducing the digital carbon footprint of our website by supporting agroforestry projects. in France and reforestation in Haiti & Peru 🌿.

A small step towards sobriety for our structure, but a step forward nonetheless.

We take advantage of this last subject to tell you that our partnership with ELISE for the management and treatment of our paper and cardboard waste continues.📦📥♻️ We remind you that Elise, although this is a pretty name, it is an acronym for Local Initiative Company at the Service of the Environment.
For more than 20 years, ELISE actively participates in the protection of the environment while creating permanent and local jobs for people in difficulty of insertion or in situation of handicap.

Beyond the quality of the service provided, we find the concept downright cool, how about you?