This is the name of our newsletter intended for partners of the Tourist Office. Each month, like a hyphen between your office and ours, we spend a few minutes imagining its content to give you some news...

A “real” meeting

And this spring we decided to give another dimension to this virtual meeting, by offering “real” meetings. The format is simple: an appointment, a theme, a speaker and above all a limited time so that everyone can go back to the office with as much information as possible in a minimum of time 🙂

Geocaching & playground

And we started on May 10, with a meeting around geocaching and activities for children in Bidart.

Martine, our geocaching enthusiast, was able to decipher the codes of this discipline which makes vacationers and bidartars completely addicted!

This meeting also made it possible to explain to the partners and receptionists of the campsites, how the Bidart Tourist Office team was interested in this concept and the reasons why this game is so successful.

Geocaching with Terra Aventura allows in one outing to combine the use of a smartphone, to go outdoors off the beaten track, to be challenged by riddles and to learn more and more about the history of the village and the Pays Basque.

There are two courses in Bidart, do not hesitate to try them to convince your customers! (be careful, it's easy to get caught up in the game, you've been warned! ).

Transport and active mobility

On May 24, we received our colleague in charge of mobility at the town hall of Bidart as well as members of Txik Txak et Keolis to talk about transport and active mobility.

The summer system was presented to our partners in order to explain the bus network, the different lines, the mesh of the summer network, the price ranges, the possibilities of subscriptions, the short-term bike rental system, the car parks relay, supervised bicycle parking, the Bidart metrominuto...

In short, a summary of information to be able to encourage holidaymakers and locals to abandon the car and change the way they travel!

The least we can say is that a heavy device is planned!!

We're preparing a blog post on the subject for the season launch 🙂

See you at the beginning of July.