We invite you to find here a small selection of items for sale at the Tourist Office. A very small concentrate of Bidart to take away or to order!

Very limited series

Hop on a bike!
Like the “Aupa Bizikleta Bidarte” t-shirts, the fruit of the collaboration of the city of Bidart with the artists of LVUS and straight out of the Kokolo workshops in Bassilour.

They are available at the Tourist Office in a very limited series from XS to XL for men and women at the very attractive price of €10.

Checkered Hop!

On the occasion of the autumn celebrations – Udazkeneko bestak – the Bidart scarf is in order… This checkered scarf flocked with the coat of arms of the municipality is worn during the celebrations of the villages of the Basque Coast.
It is on sale during the autumn holiday period at 5€.

We're preparing new items for the start of the school year... 😎 until then, our boutiques & creative artisans offer you beautiful selections...