For those who imagine that here we cannot go shopping… It is high time to open our eyes to our brands, our local boutiques and surf shops. Here we find something for all tastes, all materials, all seasons, all budgets!


Rollande is a brand of accessories and handbags. Behind Rollande, a young designer, Lucie Rolland, creates collections of ethnic handbags and mixes materials. Lucie is inspired by colors, materials and her childhood memories spent between the Basque Country and Morocco ...

Lucie Rolland 

Milia - Loka

For almost ten years, Emilie - Milia Loka - has been sewing, stitching and creating bags and pouches of all styles in her workshop in Bidart. She mixes colors, patterns and materials: local and recycled fabrics, burlap, cork, oeko-tex coated canvas… She responds to orders from her customers who want tailor-made creations and does not hesitate to "upcycle" pieces from clothes or fabrics that we wear!
Today it diversifies its articles on the “zero waste” trend and offers wipes, charlottes, solid soap pouches and paper towels in small series in bamboo fibers and ultra colored!
Find her creations every Saturday morning on the Bidart, Guéthary and Halles market in Biarritz from April, at the KM42 boutique - rue de la Madeleine in Bidart and on its online store.

Emilie - Milia Loka

Bitxi Kanardo
This artisanal jewelry factory located south of Bidart, loves raw, almost brutalist creation. Each piece is unique, patiently shaped by hand in the workshop, without glue or molding.
Behind this signature and these creations, we find a brand committed as much on an ethical, local & environmental level.

Waterman life

It is a brand of surfwear for men and women but also a store that specializes in surf & bodyboard accessories.
Located in the Zirlinga area opposite the Uhabia spot, the store offers a wide selection of equipment, accessories, swimsuits, lycra and surfwear clothing.

Waterman life
CZ Zirlinga
Spain Avenue


It is in the Ama Lurra workshop nestled in the heart of the town center of Bidart that Virginie produces her creations. Each Nynybird jewelry is unique, shaped and assembled by hand, inspired by nature.
Semainiers, pendants, rings, bracelets, Virginie thinks and creates her jewelry by mixing materials, associating styles and developing over the years a universe well anchored with her values.

Vinster's V

Virginie de Vinster describes herself as a citizen of the world, she is inspired by her travels, strolls in the most remote markets and stalls of the globe to build her collections. His pieces are characterized by a chic and trendy ethnic style. It is committed to a fair trade approach and entrusts the embroidery and knitting of its wools to workshops in Benin. V de Vinster is an inspired brand that is firmly in tune with the times! His creations are available all over the world and in his shop "Les Locataire" rue de la madeleine in the heart of Bidart but also on his website.  

Virginia of Vinster
"The Tenants" shop
4 rue de la madeleine

Marty Surf Shop

After launching, a home surfboard rental service, Marty creates his surf shop in Bidart. It offers a collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and other “beach access” made in Aquitaine. 
You will also find all the essential technical surfing products (boards, leash, daggerboards, etc.) and a selection of varied local products (preserves from St Jean, glasses from Hossegor, photos from Guéthary, etc.). 

111 avenue de Biarritz


Laura created the Lajoa brand and makes elegant, unique and eco-responsible textile creations.
It is an alternative to fast fashion to afford or offer to those that we love unique and local fashion items or for everyday production with reasoned production.