Obviously there are others, obviously it's just an appetizer, we're not going to reveal everything to you before coming, you have to know how to keep surprises...

So we wanted to list them, make a classification, and then we realized that it was impossible.
Impossible because we can't come to an agreement ... So here we list the things to do / experience / discover when staying in Bidart!

To take the temperature

Place Sauveur Atchoarena is the heart of Bidart, where you can:
– appreciate the exceptional panorama of a place labourdine open on the Pyrenees;
- taste our specialties à la carte in restaurants or at markets;
– feel the effervescence, settle down at aperitif time, appreciate the calm and the sunrise over a coffee;
– let yourself be carried away by a game of pelota with your bare hands on the Petit Fronton;
- discover the current exhibition at the Gallery Pili Tafernaberry ;
- take part in one of our get together, which have become essential throughout the year.

Take full eyes

- by discovering the superb views of the coast or the cliffs
- strolling through the Sensitive Natural Area of ​​Erretegia
- by taking a course at Ilbarritz golf course, the only golf course in France that is sure to disturb your swing
- by assisting at one of our highlights of the calendar whether sporting, spectacular, cultural or gastronomic
- by sitting in front of one of our surf spots
- realizing that the Ocean is magnificent and this in all weathers and all seasons

Change rhythm

and fully appreciate:
- to be faced with unstable weather which will often spice up your program
- to do meetings because they will be numerous to cross your path during your stay: our greeters, our hosts, our restaurateurs, traders, artisans, ... You may sometimes have trouble understanding their humor but generally it goes really well
- not to be in a hurry, because living at a mile per hour always all the time doesn't look like a vacation
- not having succeeded in reserving your time slot for a particular site, because we have a slew of other visit suggestions to submit to you

To be at the crossroads

Etymologically Bidart means "the crossroads / the crossroads", and it is not without reason that by being here one can:

- go from the city to the countryside & from the ocean to the mountains in a few minutes
- choose to be installed in the heart of the Basque Coast and a stone's throw from the "hinterland" to always discover more
- decide to cross the border just for a day

Bidart's motto: "Bidartean zuzena onena" means "at the crossroads, the straightest, the best"
A motto that says a lot!