Want to meet up with friends on the Basque Coast for a stay or a special occasion? Birthday, bachelorette party, bachelorette party, family reunion ...
The Basque Country is a land of festivities and sharing, so we might as well tell you that you are not going to sit back and do nothing!

Some suggestions for group activities, to share moments of fun, create memories with friends, enjoy large tables and beautiful evenings in the Basque Country.

To live an experience in the colors of the Basque Country from Bidart

We can imagine a stay where we:

To take the time to meet again

All while taking advantage of our beautiful tables, of our establishments feet in the sand to capture - perhaps - a very beautiful sunset and continue the evening in one of our haunts ...

So obviously, we still have lots of suggestions to offer you ideas to compose your tailor-made stay, in this case, we invite you to contact us!