Because the municipality and its partners take particular care to make Bidart as accessible as possible, we are sharing here all our practical information to facilitate the organization of your stay with us, in the Basque Country.


Uhabia Beach has been awarded the Handiplage label since summer 2021.

Tiralos are available for reservation online click HERE and allow safe access to swimming thanks to the mat installed on the sand.

3 parking spaces are available on the left of the Uhabia beach car park near the Bleu Blanc Jaune restaurant (also accessible to people with reduced mobility).

We remind you that the tide times are available HERE and that the beach of Uhabia is supervised in season.

Find the Timothy's blog post who discovered swimming at Uhabia this summer and all the Basque beaches labeled Handiplage HERE.

Handi-surf labeled schools

Bidart counts on its 6 beaches, nearly ten surf schools. The instructors offer different formulas for all ages. You can discover the pleasures of the ocean by booking a course at one of our schools labeled by the national association Handi-surfing ????

Participate in the animations

You have no doubt consulted it, the events calendar in Bidart is rather full!
Be aware that different sites are wheelchair accessible such as:
- the Savior Atchoarena square where the the steps, the parts of bare hand ball, the gatherings of mutxiko, the appointments of Bidaten Kantuz, the shows organized on Wednesday evenings, Carnival, the parade of Chapter of the Brotherhood of Chipiron, Basque dance shows ...
- the large municipal fronton where sporting events such as the pelota games at Grand Chistera, Basque Force Galas, Talo à la bouche evenings or even those organized as part of autumn celebrations ;
- the Kirolak which hosts the Pilotari Ttiki or Uhabiako Txapelketa tournaments every year
- the library Toki-Toki in which are organized workshops, readings, conferences, ...
- the temporary arenas which host every summer the “emotions and cowardly” shows

The promenade

In Bidart, the most accessible and pleasant walk is the Greenway of Uhabia.
Find more information HERE.

Timothée, our expert from Bidart, also tested the walk in the Sensitive Natural Area of ​​Erretegia with a gourmet break at the Kanttu snack bar, find his advice in the article "Timothée's tips". 👇

📢 Discover our destination magazine in audio version HERE

as well as the list of establishments referenced in the 64 on the site

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