The Departmental Council organizes Monday, August 29 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. a participatory workcamp open to all in the Sensitive Natural Space of Erretegia in Bidart. You who are often looking for activities to do with your family and in the middle of nature in Bidart, we thought this information could kick you so we suggest you find out more below 👇👇

In recent years, the meadows of the Erretegia ENS have undergone various upheavals which have weakened this space (trampling, drought, exposure to spray, etc.).
It was therefore decided to use old and rural methods to take care of it and promote regrowth: the spreading of green hay & the sowing of seeds of local species.

Volunteers who wish to participate in the worksite will be responsible for manually spreading out hay balls (which will have been deposited on site) and thus fill in the spaces where vegetation is struggling to grow.

This contribution of natural organic matter, amended with local seeds, will allow the environment to regenerate more quickly, while slowing down erosion in steep areas. 🌿🌿

If you wish to participate in this project, please register by contacting the CPIE LITTORAL BASQUE at 📱05 59 74 16 18 or by email 📧 at:

Remember to wear appropriate clothing as well as your equipment (forks, rakes, etc.)