Toki-Toki is also 17000 books, 1200 CDs and read texts, 1300 DVDs, 37 subscriptions, 65 board games, 40 video games for consoles and numerous digital resources.

Toki-Toki, c’est le nom de la bibliothèque de Bidart, confortablement installée dans les anciennes écoles communales.
Toki Toki is a library, yes but not only ...
Toki-Toki is the place, the good, the true, the only place, in reference to the 3rd place, a hybrid space of exchange and sharing that we frequent between our life at home and our life at work .
A space where you feel at home, where you can read, work, listen, play, navigate, learn, do and let it happen, whether you are alone or in a group, young or old, reader or not reader ...



  • Accessible by stroller
  • Playground for children
  • Screening Room
  • Meeting room (s)
  • Bathroom installation
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  • Playground
  • Wi-Fi
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