In Bidart the pelota slams on the walls of the pediments, in the trinquet or at the Kirolak all year round.

The local club Kostakoak trains the little bidartars to make them become the champions of tomorrow.
And if there are many highlights of pelota in Bidart, the one that will happen in the next few days is one: the Pilotari Ttiki. It brings together young clubs from both sides of the Pyrenees, Navarre, all over New Aquitaine and even Paris!

Today we invite you to discover Laurent Garcia, the President of the Kostakoak passionate about pelota and very invested in the presidency of the club for almost 20 years.

At the Kirolak or the Grand Fronton, Laurent ensures that the values ​​of the club and the sport are transmitted between generations; that the children aspire to evolve like the young people who wear the colors of the club on the most beautiful tournaments and the biggest championships.

If we had to sum up Laurent and the ball, it's: a long career, numerous titles, thousands of hours devoted to community life and always the same passion with two badges stamped on the jersey: that of Bidart and that of the Kostakoak.

We invite you to learn a little more about pelota at the international level, the pilotari ttiki, and about Laurent Garcia by listening to a new episode of our podcast "the quarter of an hour bidartar".

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