Bare­handed, cesta punta (Jai alai), with a chistera (long basket attached to the wrist), in indoor courts, on the kantxa ... Pelota balls have been hitting against the walls and frontons of Bidart for several generations.

Followers of all ages of this authentic local sport, professionals and amateurs play to the beat of the pelota ball all year round depending on the season.

In summer, on Saturdays at 6pm and Sundays at 11am, bare hands hit the pelota ball on the Petit Fronton of the town square in Bidart. Players compete two against two and redouble their efforts to win the summer tournament.

Fans of speed and accuracy? Discover the Chistera (Jai alai) every Tuesday and Friday from July to mid­September at the Grand Fronton.

You want to learn how to use the "chistera" and become a "pilotari"? The youth of Kostakoak and Patxi of the Ona Pilota workshop offer lessons for beginners.

In  winter,  make  way  for  the  Cesta  Punta  championship  happening  in  Kirolak.  Young  players  of Kostakoak train to become world champions like some of their elders of Bidart.

The tradition continues!