Without its dances, songs and pelota, the Basque Country would be lost...So here are the essential steps of your stay in Bidart.

The mutxiko, a traditional Basque dance, is passed down from generation to generation. Join in the dance and go to the village square of Bidart on the second Sunday of each month. Performances in traditional costumes are organised during the summer by the traditional music and dance associations Xinkako and Goiz Argi.

Excitement guaranteed while listening to the beautiful Basque songs that gratify the labour of the land and sea, main resources cultivated by the elders. Among the village choirs, the mixed choir Boga Boga performs in the church throughout the year. Bidarten Kantuz, where everyone is invited to sing in Basque, takes place during the market in the main square on the first Saturday of each month at 11a.m.

Ball sport enthusiasts are invited to attend a Basque pelota match. During the summer, hand pelota is played on the Petit Fronton on weekends. It originated from a French ball­and­court game called jeu de paume (palm game).  Grand Christera (Jai alai) matches are held at the Grand Fronton on Tuesdays and Fridays during peak season.

To learn more about this timeless sport, Patxi Tambourindeguy, a native of the area, offers tours in his Ona Pilota workshop and lessons to help you get started or improve your skills.