Switch to Basque mode during your stay: put your suitcases down and let loose !

Ideally located between Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz, the charming village of Bidart overlooks the ocean, against a backdrop of the Pyrenees Mountains.

Its motto "Bidartean zuzena onena", which literally means "when you come to a crossroads, pick the straightest path”, represents Bidart's strong character: go straight to the point.

It cherishes the values of authenticity, simplicity and sharing. With a traditional and conservative look, over time it has evolved into a small modern and dynamic city that offers a wide range of activities and events throughout the year.

Coming to Bidart means learning how to surf or play Basque pelota, discovering local traditions such as dancing, singing and Basque shows of strength, visiting the village with enthusiastic greeters, trying delicious specialities and regional products, relaxing by the ocean, taking a stroll on the greens, dreaming in front of the sunset and ­ last but not least ­ enjoying every moment with your family, friends or your loved one.

Bidart is a wonderful playground for nature lovers with its 6 beaches, covering 5km of coastline, golf course, walking and hiking paths including those along the Coastal Trail and leisure activities with its surf school, quad and e­trick rides, skate park and sports fields.

The same goes for culture and history buffs thanks to its artisans with Les Couteliers Basques cutlery workshop and Moulin de Bassilour, its town square and Navarro-Labourdin triptych and Heritage Trail, which help you discover the town's historical monuments and part of the Way of St. James. So if you are tempted to spend a weekend or your next holiday in the Basque Country in Bidart, a wide range of accommodation options are available, from campsites to 4­star hotels, via bed & breakfasts, holidays flats and rentals.