There are places that mark you with a detail, a light, a special and tangible atmosphere.
In Bidart, there is a place that will awaken your senses: it is the Bassilour mill.

Everything is in its place, brought together to create memories: the darkness of the engine room, the sound of water splashing under the mill, the smell of Basque cakes golden in the oven, the texture of jam of cherry which melts when tasted ...
Sorry to make your mouth water but it is necessary that we recommend you to go and visit this place!

Gérard, owner of the premises, likes to say that nothing has changed here. We have kept a recipe for the cake as our grandmothers did, with simple ingredients, available on farms in the Basque Country. The secret of the recipe remains in the right measure and cooking.

We tried to unravel the secret, but we do not succeed, it is perhaps because we are looking for an excuse to go through the red door, watch the millstone crush the grain, climb the small steps and salivate in front of it. stall of cakes, shortbread and breads of yesteryear ...



Bassilour mill
64210 Bidart

+33 5 59 41 94 49

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