Because in Bidart we take our foot to do things with the hands, we are pleased to invite you to meet our artisans and creators with golden hands.

There are those who offer tours and those who work “ixil-ixila” (in silence?) In their workshops. In both cases, these men and women are passionate and sublimate the materials with their unique know-how.

Close to the ocean and the mountains, land of tradition, nature and innovation, the Basque Country inspires ...

Because it is not only in Bidart that you can find exceptional craftsmanship, our team strongly recommends that you take an interest in Les Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivants du 64, in these craftsmen who make excellence endure. of our local know-how.
We would like to quote them all but they are so numerous that you will think that we are exaggerating, we let you discover them here.