Le September 22, 2024

At 15:30 p.m. on the Atherbea pediment, the show by the Nanoua company will be presented: “A day without bread”. A storyteller travels between the present and the past, linking the work of memory and the construction of the future in resonance with the world of bread, and the way in which we nourish our view of the world, homemade or melted in the mould? The story is shaped, kneaded like the bread dough that serves as a common thread in this very beautiful show.

Also on Wednesday, September 13 at 19 p.m., in Toki-Toki, the chipiron brotherhood invites you to a gastronomic conference which will detail all the secrets of this emblematic dish of our local gastronomy. And you will be able to participate in a cooking/tasting workshop which will punctuate this tasteful and interactive conference in a friendly way.

Reservation strongly recommended with Toki-Toki.


September 22
Sunday Open