Que faire à Bidart pour l’Ascension ?

What to do in Bidart for the Ascension?

This month of May will have offered us many public holidays, and it's not over since a new extended weekend is looming. The opportunity to (re)discover the surroundings and enjoy our entertainment! Exhibition of paintings by Isabelle Omer & sculptures by Pascal Billard Every day from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m. until May 21 […]

On a testé pour vous : l’Itinéraire du Patrimoine

We tested for you: the Heritage Route

For your holidays, you have chosen Bidart and it is a very good choice! It's time for you to discover its centers of interest and its remarkable historical heritage. Don't panic, we have everything planned! We have created for you (yes, just for you) a little heritage walk where […]

Les Crêpes de Ty-Ouessant

Crepes of Ty-Ouessant

It seems that gluttony does not wait, so today we decided to take you to the Crêperie Ty-Ouessant (Very good choice, isn't it?) It is run by Erwan, our first neighbor, and we like to say that it is the most Basque of Bretons! On the facade, it even claims its double homeland with […]

Le Axoa de la Venta Gaxuxa

The Axoa de la Venta Gaxuxa

At Venta Gaxuxa, Jacky and Thierry have found the ideal recipe for their restaurant: a perfect combination of generosity, love of products, and conviviality. They will tell you that it is much more than a restaurant, and they will be right, because here, the art of living is practiced gently, discreetly and above all with a lot of passion. […]

Téléthon enchanté de Bidart : 9ème édition

Bidart enchanted telethon: 9th edition

Like every year for the past 9 years, the volunteers of the Téléthon Enchanté de Bidart are mobilizing to raise funds to finance research projects on neuromuscular genetic diseases (myopathies, Steinert myotonia) and other rare genetic diseases. They are more than happy to offer you this year, a program rich in animations to collect a […]

Euskaraldia Bidarten !

Basque Country Bidarten!

Bidart is mobilizing for Euskaraldia! From November 18 to December 2, the Euskaraldia movement encourages Euskaldun (whether experienced or beginners) to practice the Basque language on a daily basis. Different actions & events are organized to allow everyone to get started! We tell you more… Bidarte Euskaraldirako mobilizatzen da! […]

Le Talo du Restaurant Elissaldia

The Talo of the Elissaldia Restaurant

There are addresses that we no longer present but that we still love so much! Elissaldia is one of them and you will have understood it, here, it is cohesion and family work that take precedence! Since 1945, generations have followed one another to preserve this state of mind, by writing in turn, part […]

Que faire à Bidart pendant les vacances de la Toussaint ?

What to do in Bidart during the All Saints holidays?

The All Saints holidays, we always look forward to them. It's the first break of the school year, the ideal time to regain strength! These holidays are also the last opportunity to enjoy the sun before facing winter, rain and cold. Fortunately for us, the Indian summer still lets us enjoy beautiful […]

On a testé pour vous… Terra aventura

We tested for you… Terra aventura

For you who have heard of the Terra Aventura geocaching application and who are hesitant to get started. And even for you, seasoned badge collectors who think that geocaching has no more secrets for you (don't be so sure)… We share with you our feedback on the Terra Aventura experience in Bidart, for [… ]

Vacances sans voiture !

Vacation without a car!

It's vacation time and time to press pause. This year, the municipality of Bidart is mobilizing a little more to offer you alternatives to the car, because yes, abandoning your car and getting around: it's a vacation! 👇🤩 Shall we take the bus? Bidean-N30, the […]