Bidart, station balnéaire

Bidart, seaside resort

For the curious who like to learn about the history of the village, for the savvy who want to check their knowledge, for those who want to learn more and for those who seek to understand, we have unearthed a series of short documentaries for you will simply allow you to learn more about the history of Bidart… […]

La renaturation de l’E.N.S. d’Erretegia

The renaturation of the ENS of Erretegia

The Sensitive Natural Area of ​​Erretegia (ENS) is a veritable green lung of the town. You can see it from the departmental road, it offers itself generously to us but at the same time deserves its relief as its relief reminds us that Nature is the only mistress in this place. A real jewel of multiple paradoxes, Erretegia attracts with its different facets […]

Championnats du monde de pelote

Pelota World Championships

Boom, you may already know this but this year the Basque pelota world championships are taking place very close to home! And when we say at home, we're not completely lying since Bidart hosts the meetings of one of the most popular disciplines around the globe: Frontball. 3 days […]

En faire tout un foin !

Make a fuss of it!

The Departmental Council organizes Monday, August 29 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. a participatory workcamp open to all in the Sensitive Natural Space of Erretegia in Bidart. You who often look for activities to do with your family and in the middle of nature in Bidart, we thought that this information could kick you so we suggest you find out […]

Eh bien pédalez maintenant !

Well pedal now!

Here we agree that it is not necessarily natural to “think cycling”. The relief in Bidart is not the best for imagining getting around by bike and yet there are many new features that will encourage us to favor this mode of transport. Here are the top 5 good reasons why you […]

Saison 2022 – Les nouveautés !

Season 2022 – What's new!

Each season brings its share of novelties and this summer 2022 is no exception to the rule with all these new deals! They took advantage of this rather gloomy spring to do some work and open their doors on sunny days…We invite you to discover the new establishments in Bidart through this article, […]

Que faire quand il fait beaucoup trop chaud ?

What to do when it's way too hot?

You are on holiday in the Basque Country, you have chosen to come here for the mild summer and the temperate climate... Yes, but here you are, you cannot escape it either, the heat wave is stifling, and despite the the air of the Basque coast, the temperature does not drop. Our team, comfortably installed in our […]

Pour la paix

For peace

In Bidart, a stone's throw from the Sainte Madeleine chapel and facing the ocean, there is a place where you can take a slap, where you feel alive. It is not so much by the beauty of the place, which is nevertheless breathtaking, it is above all by the beauty of the message and the harsh […]

Frédéric Darblade du restaurant « Les six saisons »

Frédéric Darblade of the restaurant "The six seasons"

Today we are going to talk about Frédéric Darblade, child of Bidart and restaurateur for more than 30 years in the center of the village. After 3 decades in the restaurant business, many are those who need a change and decide to hang up the apron… Frédéric preferred to do things differently, he chose to keep […]

Parlons déco & créations locales

Let's talk decoration & local creations

In the Basque Country, we have a taste for good things, it's verified and recognized for cooking, but it's also for crafts and creation. In this article, we suggest that you take a “deco” point on the various establishments in Bidart, and you will see that many owners choose to work […]